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Yoga is an ancient practice that nurtures the body, mind and soul. Yoga can help you enjoy a greater sense of balance in your life,
reduce stress, improve strength and flexibility. 8 Petals Yoga offers a variety of classes and instructors to meet the need of every student.
Daimon Sweeney

Daimon Sweeney I’ve been exploring how the mind works for more than four decades. I started developing my own methods at a teenager and have years of practice with Zen, Sufi and Tibetan Buddhist meditation. I studied Nonviolent Communication for years and was certified as an EFT practitioner. Then in 2010 my own growth hit a dead end and I started asking more questions. Those questions led to a profound insight into how people work. Developing that insight led to an advanced approach to personal change I call NeuroMastery®. It incorporates recent neuroscience breakthroughs, a new model of what shapes us as humans, and new methods. Spacious Mind Meditation is part of NeuroMastery®. 

My mission is to share these methods widely. They are fast and easy to use and profoundly effective at relieving stress, but even more importantly, at undoing stubborn limits that keep us stuck as individuals and, collectively, as societies. As we become unstuck we free ourselves to live with growing freedom and authenticity, to increasingly show up as who we really are, to make wiser decisions in every area of life and to show up more powerfully.

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Resilient You! -

How much time do you spend feeling upset or angry?

How often do you feel blocked or stuck?

Do you know inside that you're operating below your potential?

Would you like to learn how to take control of those patterns and change them?

New ways to literally rewire your feelings and reaction patterns, beliefs and fears, have been found and you can start learning them in Resilient You! They're rapid, painless and lasting.

If you've been wanting to work with me but thought it was too expensive, this is your chance.

I'm putting some of my best methods together into a change process you can use to change whichever part of your life you choose to focus on.

It's taken decades to develop and refine these methods, but you can just soak them up in an organized program that will put your life on a new track, potentially (or at least make your present life a lot easier).

Choose where to focus - on your whole life, taking down stress triggers and unwanted patterns, or in a particular area, like relationships or a project you feel stuck on. It's up to you.

Many of your familiar ways of feeling better or managing your reactions may look a little shabby after you learn to directly change neural networks that are not serving you.

Removing fight-or-flight reactions that have accumulated (often so subtly you are hardly aware of them) lets your system automatically and naturally move toward emotional balance.

At the same time, your energy is freed up and your can increasingly choose what works for you. All this naturally integrates into "the way you are" so you start living as a better version of yourself.

If you work on yourself, meditate or just want to live an easier, better life, check out the first class. It's free.


Here's the link with the details


I hope you come to the first class even if you don't intend to do the series. You'll get a lot of benefit no matter what as you use one of the three methods you'll learn in the whole program, and begin mapping your journey to resilience.


See you there?

Daimon Sweeney

Creator of Spacious Mind Meditation and NeuroMastery


P.S. If you have to miss sessions don't worry - they'll be on video in a member area you can access any time (just the instructional parts - everything else is confidential).


$90 for the six weeks. The first week is free to check it out


Tuesday @ 6:30-7:45pm



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