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Yoga is an ancient practice that nurtures the body, mind and soul. Yoga can help you enjoy a greater sense of balance in your life,
reduce stress, improve strength and flexibility. 8 Petals Yoga offers a variety of classes and instructors to meet the need of every student.
Daimon Sweeney

Daimon Sweeney I’ve been exploring how the mind works for more than four decades. I started developing my own methods at a teenager and have years of practice with Zen, Sufi and Tibetan Buddhist meditation. I studied Nonviolent Communication for years and was certified as an EFT practitioner. Then in 2010 my own growth hit a dead end and I started asking more questions. Those questions led to a profound insight into how people work. Developing that insight led to an advanced approach to personal change I call NeuroMastery®. It incorporates recent neuroscience breakthroughs, a new model of what shapes us as humans, and new methods. Spacious Mind Meditation is part of NeuroMastery®. 

My mission is to share these methods widely. They are fast and easy to use and profoundly effective at relieving stress, but even more importantly, at undoing stubborn limits that keep us stuck as individuals and, collectively, as societies. As we become unstuck we free ourselves to live with growing freedom and authenticity, to increasingly show up as who we really are, to make wiser decisions in every area of life and to show up more powerfully.

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The Spacious Mind Meditation Class -

The Spacious Mind Meditation class includes two NeuroMastery® methods, Spacious Mind Meditation itself and the NeuroRewrite™ Experience. They are a good combination.

Spacious Mind Meditation brings neuroscience to meditation. This is no-fail meditation. You get obvious results in less than five minutes. No beliefs or dogmas are involved. If you’ve “failed” at meditation or decided it doesn’t work for you, this is what you need. You’ll find you can quiet “monkey mind” in minutes, easily.You can learn the meditation and its foundation in neuroscience right now if you want. You’ll see how easy and fast it is, and will experience what it does for yourself. View a 33 minute video from a live workshop online here:


Please watch it and learn the practice before coming to class.

In class we will learn and use advanced forms of Spacious Mind Meditation that are very powerful at creating profound changes. These will be covered systematically in the first several weeks so that will be an especially good time to join us. This class is suitable for beginners and advanced meditators alike.

The NeuroRewrite™ Experience will also be taught and used, though not in every class. This practice, done on paper, often produces dramatic changes in how people feel and think. Topics can include specific people, challenging situations, projects, finances, and more. You’ll even have documented proof of the changes.


Tuesday @ 6:45-7:45pm

Class Requirements

1) Before coming to class please watch the video (link is above) to learn and use Spacious Mind Meditation. We don’t have time in class to teach the method as well as apply it. This video is provided so you can learn the basic method and how it works.


2) Please bring a notebook for capturing insights and for doing the NeuroRewrite™ Experience. 8.5 x 11 and spiral bound with unlined paper is best (other sizes are fine but small pages don’t work well).


3) Your first two classes are free (donations to cover costs are accepted). After that, classes are $10 each as drop ins, $40/month (or what you can afford) as a subscription. Subscribers will have access to the videos of previous classes. Subscription links will be posted at https://daimonsweeney.clickfunnels.com/meditation-pre-class when available.

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