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Yoga is an ancient practice that nurtures the body, mind and soul. Yoga can help you enjoy a greater sense of balance in your life,
reduce stress, improve strength and flexibility. 8 Petals Yoga offers a variety of classes and instructors to meet the need of every student.
Cassandra Bemish

Cassandra Bemish teaches a fun, light-hearted class to help her students grow and roll with the flow. Her influential yoga teachers are Muriel Murphy, Edward Jones and Joe Miller. She is excited to offer this class to everyone hoping to explore yoga with playfulness.


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Flow and Grow -

60 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga. Each class maintains awareness and focus on the breath while moving through the Sun Salutations and other postures. This style of yoga builds strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind.

Tuesday @ 5:00

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